What Is An eBay Stealth Account?

Are you looking for a way to maximize your earnings without an account suspension hampering your sales on eBay? If you are, then this is the right place for you. This article will discuss stealth accounts and how you can use them to your benefit if your real account gets suspended.

We’ll also talk about how to create or buy a stealth account so continue reading to know more about eBay stealth accounts.

What Is An eBay Stealth Account?  

An eBay stealth account is the same as a regular account but is created using a fake identity. Despite the name, stealth accounts are no different from regular accounts. It’s just a second account created by people who already own a legitimate eBay account.

This stealth account acts as their secondary or backup account in case of limitations or issues faced in the original account. For example, if you are a seller on eBay but your account got suspended, you can use the stealth account to carry on with your business as usual but with another identity. In case of sales limitations, you can use the secondary account, i.e., the stealth account, as a backup.

Stealth accounts are beneficial when you have your original account suspended. However, eBay does not support the creation and use of stealth accounts because they consider it a deceptive means of selling your products on the platform. Stealth accounts get a bad reputation because most of these accounts are used by fraudulent sellers who taint the status of the online shopping platform.

Are eBay Stealth Accounts Legal? 

Creating a stealth account is not illegal as long as you’re not partaking in any dishonest business through the account. But it should be known that eBay does not condone the use of such stealth accounts, regardless of whether you’re using them for genuine business or fraud.

Stealth accounts are considered both a blessing and a bane because while it helps sellers maximize their earnings, it creates an opportunity for more scams and frauds to be committed on the platform. People can misuse their second accounts for fraudulent activities because they are less likely to be caught by the algorithm.

If you have a stealth account, you need to do your best to keep it under wraps and try not to get caught by the operators from eBay. If they catch such accounts, they could get suspended.

Still, creating stealth accounts is not illegal in the eyes of the law. Many people even create and sell stealth accounts to sellers who need them. If you need a second account, you can always use your friends’ or family members’ accounts instead of creating a fake one, as this is more legitimate.

Where To Buy eBay Stealth Accounts? 

You can look at our website if you’re looking for stealth accounts to buy for yourself. We understand that eBay is a platform that probably already has all the resources to track, monitor, and suspend accounts that they think are stealth accounts. This is why we only sell accounts from legitimate sources that know how to escape the keen eyes of eBay operators.

All the stealth accounts on our platform come from legit institutions aware of eBay’s tricks and tactics to catch stealth accounts. If you buy eBay account from us, you can be sure that eBay will never suspect your account of any suspicious activity.

This way, you don’t have to risk getting caught. We do this by using various resources and tools that are guaranteed to keep the account as far away as possible from eBay’s radar, preventing the account from getting suspended, flagged, or limited.

Many people opt to buy stealth accounts rather than make one themselves because it takes up a lot of time and can end up becoming more complex than it should be. The easy way out is to invest a little money, buy an account and enjoy the revenue from these accounts.

Will eBay Close My Stealth Account For Inactivity?

Since stealth accounts are basically like secondary or backup accounts, they are typically not in use all the time. It’s also created so that it escapes eBay’s supervision, hence, rendering the account unavailable. However, you don’t have to worry about losing your account because eBay does not close accounts for inactivity. 

eBay has a few strict policies in place to create a community devoid of imposters and fraudsters who can pollute the quality of the platform in many ways. For this reason, the policies are set in place, which you need to follow to avoid getting suspended.

The criteria that are considered as grounds for eBay to suspend the stealth account are as follows:

  • Using fake personal information when creating the account
  • Stealth accounts that have been purchased from someone
  • Accounts that do not have any knowledge of the user history

Hence, using stealth accounts isn’t a safe bet, although it is legal. Instead, we recommend that you use friends’ or family members’ accounts to keep the business as genuine as possible.

How To Create An eBay Stealth Account? 

eBay is a platform that works much like a computer that can detect suspicious activity quite accurately. They have a bunch of high-tech algorithms in place to ensure that nothing escapes their keen eyes and that all sellers are as legitimate as possible.

Because of all these systems, creating a stealth account on your own is quite a task. Fortunately, we have a lot of stealth accounts for sale, and you can easily buy one from us without the hassle of creating the account yourself.

If you still want to create your account, follow the steps below:

  • Set up a remote computer along with the browsing history
  • Make sure you have established browser cookies to establish the authenticity of your IP address
  • Go to the eBay website and create a new account like you would a regular eBay account
  • Select the “selling” option to become a seller
  • Enter all the necessary details and connect your wallet to the account
  • You’re ready with the account.

This ends up being a lot of work because not only do you need a remote access computer, but you also need to create a new PayPal account that is not linked with your existing eBay account. If eBay links these accounts together, you could face termination or suspension of your account. Therefore, the easy way is to buy a stealth account and avoid the hassle.


With more understanding of the importance of owning stealth accounts, various websites sell stealth accounts. However, before making a purchase, you must do your background research and determine where these fake accounts are sourced. They have to come from institutions that know how to stay under the radar of eBay so that you don’t get caught.

This is why we recommend choosing our website for buying stealth accounts. We ensure they come from legit sources and have all the capabilities to help you escape the watchful eyes of eBay’s algorithm. You can even use eBay stealth guides to properly understand the workings of the platform and devise ways to escape the algorithm.

While the platform does not close stealth accounts for being inactive, it can close them down if they record any suspicious activity. eBay has a lot of regulations set in place to prevent stealth accounts from being created on the platform. Because of this, you must be very careful with what you do with your stealth account.