What is eBay Selling Limit?

eBay has a set limit for new sellers on the platform. According to the eCommerce company, the selling limit is a strategy to help newcomers manage their business and provide customers with great service.

However, questions such as what is a selling limit and why is eBay suspending accounts are pretty common among the sellers and eCommerce store owners on the site. 

If you’re a new seller on eBay, selling limits are just one of the concepts you need to catch up on. Here’s everything you need to know.

eBay selling limit – what is it?

It is an account-based limit for new sellers on eBay and is a standard that applies to all new sellers on the platform, irrespective of the location. The selling item on eBay looks like the following – List or sell not more than 10 items, with a total worth of not more than $500 per month. The limit is applicable whether you sell the maximum number of items or the amount mentioned above. 

Every item that is sold or listed during a particular month is counted in the selling limit. After you reach your selling limits in a calendar month, eBay prevents you from raising your selling limits or adding items to your list. 

In most cases, eBay selling limits are applicable to the type of account. This means that certain categories on eBay are not subject to selling limits. Product categories such as motorbikes, automobiles, property, offices, and businesses do not fall under the $500 selling limit. 

However, the eBay selling limit can also apply if you are an established seller on the platform and you decide to introduce a new product category. This is often called the category-based limit and is applicable if:

  • You are selling a specific category for the first time 
  • It is still 90 days since your first successful sale 

Why does eBay have selling limits?

The simple explanation behind eBay’s selling limits is to establish trust. Enforcing the selling limits protects both the seller and buyer on the platform. Sellers have to prove their worth to the buyers that they can deliver as they have advertised, and the buyer gets to reduce bad shopping experience. This, in turn, establishes the credibility of eBay as well. 

If you are a new or prospective seller on eBay, the selling limit is also a great way to manage your business and sustainably scale your business growth. 

Can I increase eBay’s selling limits?

eBay selling limits are reset by default on the 20th of every month, so you don’t have to worry about it. In addition, if you meet eBay’s criteria and make consistent good sales with good reviews from your customers, eBay automatically increases your selling limits after 90 days as well. 

The increase in the selling limit is usually based on the feedback from your customers and the volume of your sales during the 90-day period. In this regard, it is important to maintain a good seller status on eBay if you want to increase your selling limits automatically. 

eBay reviews your seller account, and you can fall into either of the following seller statuses: 

  • Top Rated – If you manage your eBay sales properly, comply with all the terms of the platform and get positive feedback from your buyers, you can be a Top Rated seller. 
  • Above Average – You need to have good traffic, a decent selling ratio, and good customer service to be considered an Above Average seller. 
  • Below Average – If your listing on eBay is poor, not active on your account, and does not provide customer service, you will be a Below Average seller. You risk losing your account, and if you list the eBay account for sale, you will have a hard time attracting buyers. 

If you are a top eBay performer and want to increase your selling limits, you can also request them to let them know of your needs. However, the guys at eBay might take some time to get back to you.

In the meantime, you can try:

  • Exhausting your monthly selling limits 
  • Make sure that your seller account is clean – meaning no open/active returns, replacements, or cancellations. 
  • Maintain a top or above-average seller status 
  • Buy eBay stealth account from a credible source like us and run multiple accounts, so your profits are not limited by the selling limits.