What can you sell on eBay?


With online platforms gaining popularity in recent years, they have started accommodating more and more products to sell. Ebay is one of the popular platforms that have taken over the world, offering easy access to products for everyone.

EBay has made a name for itself as a very recognizable eCommerce store. Anywhere from your basic household needs to electronics, homemade items, secondhand items, etc., are sold on eBay. As long as the items are within the country’s laws or do not infringe the intellectual property, you can sell them on the platform.

Because of the massive stretch of items you can sell on the platform, it can get a little overwhelming to decide on a niche and know what kind of items will sell best. 

Especially for beginners, this decision can be tricky, but not one that you cannot solve with little research. This article will do exactly that and help you better understand what you can sell on eBay and what generates the most earnings.

Can you sell train tickets on eBay?  

There’s a lot of debate on whether selling train tickets on eBay is a legal right or wrong. However, the website officially stated they no longer sell tickets on their platform. The only tickets you’ll find these days are collectible or vintage tickets that are prized possessions for collectors.

The party for selling tickets states that the website does not own any tickets, so it does not need to acquire a license to sell them. Moreover, the website is supposed to be where people can find anything they want to purchase that they might not find in other marketplaces. And pre-booked and unwanted train tickets cut.

On the other hand, the train firm rules clearly state that tickets is non-transferable. If the authorities catch such inconsistencies during their travel, they could be fined or even prosecuted for participating in illegal activities.

Additionally, buying tickets from unlicensed online stores is dangerous because you could become a potential victim of a scam or fraud. Many people have complained about being sold fake tickets while shelling out a lot of money for them. Because of such complaints, the platform no longer sells tickets.

Can you sell CBD on eBay?  

Yes. Nowadays, you can sell CBD on eBay, but you should consider the laws in your state and eBay’s policies before selling it online. Since marijuana was only recently legalized in some parts of the world, the sale of cannabis by-products like CBD was also naturally banned on the website. However, with new regulations coming in, you’ll see that there are a few sellers on eBay who sell CBD.

Although it might be a good idea to consider that just because a seller is certified to sell on eBay, it does not mean that the products are good quality. Plus, if your state laws state differently, even if you buy from a certified eBay seller, it can still be considered illegal. You might even have your account removed or suspended for such activities.

Remember that all CBD products are only supposed to be sold by sellers who are permitted to do so by an authority figure. These can be considered illegal items, and you’ll land in trouble for trying to sell them without a proper license. You can also check out eBay’s policies on CBD food and cosmetic products, which eBay permits for sale on the website.

Can you sell wine on eBay?  

Yes, you can sell wine on eBay. However, there are a few regulations set in place for wine sellers. For example, only sellers pre-approved by eBay can put up their wine for sale on the website. There is also a specific site where you can upload wine for sale: the eBay US website.

This new section of the website is where you can go to browse through hundreds of everyday, rare and collectible wine bottles put up for sale from various sellers. You can even search for wines based on rice, region, or variety.

Another new development regarding the sale of alcohol on the online platform is their partnership with Drync, a mobile app that slows people to shop for wine. Apart from wine, other alcoholic products are not permitted to be sold on the platform.

There are a few rules to follow to become a pre-approved wine seller on eBay:

  • Get approved by eBay.
  • All sellers must follow the platform’s policies, terms, and conditions.
  • Selling any other types of alcohol except for wine is not allowed.
  • Alcohol containers regarded as collectibles can be sold on the platform, but they should not contain alcohol. It should be empty.

If you’re a wine enthusiast or a collector, you’ll have fun browsing through the new wine section on the website.

Can you sell hemp oil on eBay? 

Yes, you can sell hemp oil on eBay. Hemp products like clothing, paper, cosmetics, rope, and food-grade seeds that do not require a sterilization declaimer are approved for selling on the platform. This is as long as the seller does not compare the product in the description to CBD or sell it as a drug.

Alternatively, you can freely sell topical products like creams or lotions with hemp oil as an ingredient on the platform.

In about 50 states, it is legal to sell CBD with 0.3% THC content or less. However, since there are many forms that CBD can take, the way that it is manufactured and sold also plays a huge part. A few states do not allow the sale of CBD as food items or beverages.

On the other hand, Hemp oil might be sold as an active ingredient in these products, so as long as the sellers don’t mention or sell it as a drug or even compare it to CBD. As you can see, the selling of CBD products, hemp oil included is a very gray area that requires more research both in terms of state laws as well as eBay policies.

Can you sell your house on eBay? 

No, you cannot buy a legally binding property off of eBay. However, you will see listings of properties on eBay. These are just for advertisement purposes created by the owners to market their houses for sale. It can also help them meet or interact with a few potential buyers on the platform.

EBay can be your online platform where you put up pictures of the house and its amenities for people to see. Once it attracts a few potential buyers, you can start the actual legal process by starting an auction.

Like at any auction, in the end, the seller contacts the person with the highest bid and discusses drafting an actual contract for the property. As a seller, if you want to list your property, you must pay a fee of 39 dollars.

If you want to avoid paying commissions to the real estate agent after selling your property, you can make your way around by becoming your agent. This means more work for you, but in the end, you won’t have to pay anyone else for their services.

Getting your property the promotion it needs without cash out on commissions after the sale has never been easier. 

Best items to sell on eBay 

You can sell a lot of items on eBay. There are so many categories of items you can sell on this platform. Plus, each category has its best-selling item, which might give you an idea of what might be a good idea to start your journey as an eBay seller.

Garden tools and home supplies:

Mainly during springtime, this category generates a lot of traffic on eBay. This includes home furnishings like sofas, coffee tables, garden items like an outdoor barbecue station, parasols, etc.

Electronics and Accessories:

Mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other such electronics are always good selling products because these are items that a lot of people use daily. Plus, accessories for these items, such as phone covers, adapters, cables, etc., are often sold together, so these are pretty popular.


This is easily the most searched category on the platform. Many brands, like Folsom, Free People, Carhartt, etc., are among the best-selling fashion sellers.

Video Games:

Gaming consoles and video games are some of the best-selling products on eBay to date. Usually, the best-sellers are among popular brands like Nintendo and Sony.

Craft Supplies:

With more people starting small businesses, craft supplies are becoming more popular. Beads for jewelry making, stones, charms, threads, paper items, stickers, etc., are all popular items in this category.

Beauty and health products:

Skincare products, beauty gadgets, supplements, etc., are popular on the platform.


Even though there are a few years to eBay’s name, the platform retains its stand and still works as one of the world’s very high revenue-generating marketplace. A 2020 review saw eBay making at least 10.2 billion dollars in revenue alone, with about 1.5 million active listings on the platform.

While eBay has a lot of things to offer to the public, as a seller, you might find it challenging to choose what to sell. The best solution to this problem is to be active online and see the trends that are currently trending.

Once you have this answer, narrow it down and find out what you can provide to customers that will attract them to your listings over other people. You will have to practice a lot of patience while you try to build your e-commerce store. It will also require a lot of effort from your end, but once you figure out what you need to do, you’ll find good revenue in becoming an eBay seller.