How Much Does Ebay Take From A Sale In 2022?

Well, that really depends on the item category. Ebay declared that they would increase the final value fees for sellers in most categories by 0.3%. While sellers operating without a store will have to chalk up 0.35% more in most categories.

Let us explain; say you have a store subscription and sell items in the book & magazines or movie & TV categories. The service fees Ebay takes, in this case, will slightly increase from 14.55% to 14.6%. On the other hand, if you are a standard Ebay seller who sells shoes & accessories, you will see your final value fees increase from 12.55% to 12.9%. You’ll have to take a more detailed look to determine the increment in each category.

Are There Any Other Fees Involved?

Yes, there are. Other than the final value fees, Ebay also charges you $0.30 on each order you receive. Think of it as a universal sales tax they charge whenever someone orders one of your listed items.

The platform also charges you a small percentage of fees if the sales cross a certain threshold amount. The percentage and the threshold amount that qualifies for an extra charge can vary from category to category.

For example, Ebay will charge a non-store seller 8% extra if the total sale amount for shoes is more than $100. Meanwhile, the platform will charge 2.5% if someone sells more than $2500 worth of antiques from their store.

A Detailed Look At Ebay’s Standard Selling Fees

To find out exactly how much Ebay takes from a standard sale, we’ll have to look at every category and apply the new increment wherever necessary. So get your reading glasses on; it’s going to be a long ride.

Ebay Motors

This includes any car parts or accessories you sell on Ebay, such as brakes, seat materials, tires, etc. Any repair tools like screwdrivers, plyers, professional socket sets, or full-fledged toolkits will also fall under this category. We’ll also include any safety or security tools like door guards, car cameras, bumper guards, etc.

Each item in this category will be charged an extra 0.35 % per sale. That means the previous final value fees of 12.55% have increased to 12.9%. There will be a collective 2.35% charge on the sale portion that crosses $7500.

Trading Cards

All trading cards related to sports or collectible card games, in general, have had their final value fees increased from 12.35% to 12.9%. If the sales cross $7500, there will be a 2.35% charge on the portion exceeding that threshold.

Athletic Shoes For Men And Women

The final value fees for the sale of all athletic shoes for both men and women have increased from 12.55% to 12.9%. There will be a collective charge of 8% if the sale amount crosses $100.

Books, Magazines, Movies

The final value fees for any book items, movie DVDs, or magazines will increase from 14.55% to 14.6%. If the total sales value crosses $7500, there will be a 2.35% charge on the portion that crosses the amount.

Coins & Paper Money

Any antique currencies, coins, notes, or bullions have had the final value fees increased from 12.35% to 12.9%. If the sales amount exceeds $7500, the excess portion will be charged 7%.

Music Instruments

Musical instruments such as guitars, synthesizers, drums, flutes, or anything similar have increased the final value fees from 5.85% to 6%. If the sale of such items exceeds a value of $7500, there will be a 2.35% charge on the excess amount.


There will be no increment in the final value fees charged for categories such as women’s clothes and accessories such as handbags, jewelry, watches, and miscellaneous items like NFTs.

There will also be no change for the industrial and business categories, although the latter is selective. Examples include heavy equipment parts, commercial printing presses, trailers, carts, food trucks, etc.

A Detailed Look At Ebay’s Store Selling Fees

If you have a store subscription to Ebay, then the increment in the total value fees will be much more impactful for you. In fact, store sellers will see an increment in almost every category, save for a few exceptions.

Covering all the various categories in one article will be too impractical, so we’ll quickly go through those categories which are not affected by the recent change in fees. Just remember, if you don’t see a category in the list below, it probably means the fees were increased in those sections. You can refer to the Ebay website for the complete list of items with their updated fees. 

Business & Industrial

Store sellers will see an increment in most business or industrial-related categories, save for the following exceptions. These include any heavy equipment or any parts & attachments. Specific items in the printing & graphic arts category, such as commercial print presses, are also exempt from the increased charges. Finally, transport or storage vehicles related to restaurants and food service industries, such as trailers, carts, and food trucks, are also exempt.

The final value fees for such items will remain as they were, 2.5%, with an extra 0.5% on any excess amount above sales values of $15000.

Women’s Handbags

Certain items in the clothing and accessories category, namely, women’s bags and handbags, will be exempt from the recent change in total value fees. The charges will remain at 13% with 7% extra if the total sales of such items exceed $2000.


Total value fees for certain items in the paper money & coins category, specifically bullions, will remain at 7%. There will be another charge of 5 % if the total sales amount exceeds $1,500 and 4.5% if it exceeds $10,000.


Accessories such as watches, and any parts for watches, are exempt from the recent increment. The total value fees for such items will remain at 12.5%. If the final sales amount goes over $1000, there will be a 4% charge on the excess amount. Similarly, there will be a 3% charge on any portion that exceeds $5000 in sales value.


Miscellaneous items such as NFTs will have the same charge on final value fees, that is, 5%. No extra charge on the final sales amount will be deducted in this case.