How To Avoid Account Suspension?

Creating an account can be effortless if you follow the right steps. However, keeping it clean and committing a trustworthy seller’s account can be challenging, especially when eBay has updated its guidelines to curb fraud and scams.

These guidelines have achieved their worth and have been successful in keeping scams away from the platform.

However, sellers who maintain good performance merit may also find their accounts banned, and sometimes without even mentioning a specific reason in the suspension mail. How frustrating, isn’t it?!

But do note that eBay never suspends any account without reason, so following all the guidelines and staying within limits will keep your account safe. But what limits?

This article will list some key points you need to remember while operating your business on eBay. This post will also answer questions about stealth accounts and how they work for suspension.

How To Avoid eBay Account Suspension

eBay is one of the top re-selling websites that attract millions of users to its platform. Since eBay is also a lucrative business platform, many sellers make various mistakes only to get suspension emails from eBay.

Here are the things you need to do to avoid account suspension.

Grow slowly

You may feel excited after getting your first eBay account, but too much excitement can be bad for your account.

For instance, if you’re listing products daily and generating sales with minimal effort, eBay might find it suspicious and consider your account a scam. Likewise, removing products from your drop shipping list is also a red flag for eBay, which may eventually lead to your account suspension.

These issues are common with new accounts, as eBay assumes that you may be a returning seller whose first account has been banned.

In short, growing your business slowly and restraining yourself from removing sold-out products from the drop shipping list will prevent your account from being suspended.

Increase bonding

Most online websites employ cookies to track visitor data to analyze how a user spends his time on the platform. The same goes for eBay, which uses cookies to determine a user’s store history.

So if a user visits the platform for the first time and creates a seller account, eBay will undoubtedly become suspicious and suspend your account.

The best way to start as an eBay seller is to gain trust by developing a regular browsing history. If you visit the platform regularly and spend some time on the platform exploring the site, eBay will take you as a genuine visitor instead of a bot.

Furthermore, maintaining this routine even after creating a seller’s account is also crucial, as it helps to increase the bonding. In short, you have to ensure that you list products after spending at least two weeks on the platform.

Use a different IP address

Sadly, revoking a suspension with eBay is an uphill task, and many users fail to get their accounts working after a suspension. So you may want to buy eBay stealth account credentials to start a second account to continue your online business.

But can eBay track your IP address? Yes, cookies allow eBay to track user history that can reveal the true identity of a user. So, if you want to create a second eBay seller’s account or are planning to buy eBay account options, it would be best to use a different IP address.

Product Listing

Listing products on your dropshipping list is crucial as it is the foundation stone of your online business model on eBay. While a lot depends on how you price your products, you will also have to ensure that you follow the right method while listing a product.

For instance, always ensure that you never use a product picture from the internet. Instead, use pictures that you have authority over or have experienced personally. If you do not have a product, you can list any item from the web and add it to your drop shipping list with a higher price tag.


Account suspension is one of the worst things that can happen on eBay, as it prevents a seller from bidding, selling, or buying on the platform. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can avoid suspension.

Although stealth accounts can get you back on the platform, it would be best to wait for your suspension period to expire.