How many accounts can one person have on eBay?

The short and official answer? You can only have one official account on eBay. As you may be aware, eBay will link any other account you’ve created, to your original account.

While this means you are technically operating two accounts, both of them are using your information and IP address. So officially, it’s just like operating one host account, with multiple branches.

However, there is an unofficial way for you to get your hands on multiple accounts that operate independently from your original. eBay doesn’t advise us to do this, so it officially goes against the website’s guidelines. But of course, human beings are resourceful creatures, and where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Why doesn’t eBay allow multiple independent accounts?

Well, that mainly has to do with how eBay handles its user accounts. To understand this, you’d have to look at some Christmas lights. These are usually a collection of tiny lights that are interconnected with each other through wires. Think of eBay’s account management system as something similar to that.

You might have noticed that a second account on eBay will automatically get linked to your first account. This is because the website connects all these accounts using a wire. Only in this case, the wire is a metaphor for your user information.

As long as you use the same information for your second account, it will automatically link to your original account. This is probably done for convenience so users can have all their accounts linked to one big mainframe. Because of this structure, it is virtually impossible to create an independent and separate account on eBay.

So, how do we bypass this rule and create a separate account for ourselves? One that is not attached to our main accounts? Well, you’ll have to use something called a stealth account.

How do eBay stealth accounts work?

The word ‘stealth’ makes it sound like we’re talking about high-security, top-secret CIA stuff. In reality, it’s nothing as exciting as that.

A stealth account is an account you have created without using your own user information. So, while it is technically something you are operating, eBay cant trace the account back to you. Why is that? Well, on paper, it has no connection to your original account.

This proxy account will be viewed as a completely different account owned by a completely different person. Thus, there will be no need for eBay to link it to the original account under your name. It’s like creating a bank account in your relative’s name, only to hoard your own money in there.

Create or buy an eBay stealth account

Most people prefer to create their own stealth account using a friend’s information. On the other hand, some prefer to buy eBay stealth account that has already been created. It’s fairly simple as long as you find a trustworthy ebay seller account for sale. However, this does expose you to the risk of buying an account that is unreliable and only has fake information.

If you want to buy an eBay account, we recommend buying from a safe and trusted source. That’s why we offer reliable eBay stealth accounts for all your needs at an affordable price. The stealth account will be available and ready to use as soon as you make the purchase.

But you might be asking, why create a stealth account in the first place? What is the purpose of stealth accountDoes using one come with any benefits at all?

Well, eBay has a nasty habit of banning or suspending accounts that have broken their rules and regulations. For example, you might unconsciously break a few rules while experimenting with your listings. And for that, eBay might ban your account without any prior warning.

If that happens, you’ll have no account to sell your stuff and get paid, essentially leaving you helpless unless the matter gets resolved. In these situations, you could simply go ahead and use a stealth account instead. No one will know it’s you!


Although you can only use one eBay account, most people bypass this by getting a stealth account. It lets you open multiple accounts that are not linked to your original account or each other. What’s more, you can even create duplicate listings for yourself. More listings, more sales!