How Does eBay Stealth Work? (Best Answer)

If you’re a seller on eBay, chances are you have multiple accounts linked to your original seller account. While this is a great way of expanding your business and getting more sales, it has some serious side effects.

For instance, getting your original account suspended or banned would ban every one of your linked accounts as well. As a seller, your goal is to have a healthy main account so your business doesn’t get hampered in any way. You want to receive smooth payments from all your buyers without any issues whatsoever.

As it is, eBay doesn’t let sellers use PayPal to receive their payments anymore. So you’ll definitely have to go through a lot of eBay-managed payments. But is there a way to make your eBay experience more convenient?

How do eBay accounts work?

If you haven’t noticed already, eBay will link all your accounts together in a connected system for your convenience. This is true as long as one of the pieces of information provided is a match. So, you can create a secondary or third account using the same name or same IP address, but eBay will assume that you have created a second account and link it with your original.

There are a few advantages to this; all your accounts will be interlinked and have the same characteristics. After a point in time, your original account will amass a higher limit than when you had started.

Naturally, when you start your second account, you won’t want to deal with the low starting limit. But don’t worry; eBay fixes this by allowing your linked second account to have the same limit as the original. That way, it won’t feel like you’re starting all over again.

Despite these advantages, having all your accounts interlinked can pose a serious threat depending on the situation. For example, if eBay bans or suspends your original account, all your other linked accounts will also get banned. Your entire system will collapse just because of an issue with one account.

How does eBay stealth work?

We know what you’re thinking; what is the purpose of stealth account? Will it fix the issue we talked about? In short, yes, the very purpose of an eBay stealth account is to protect your system from the effects of interlinking.

An eBay stealth account is a separate account that doesn’t share your credentials and yet is under your control. It manages to be part of your system without relying on other previous accounts. But how is this possible? Well, that has to do with how an eBay stealth account works.

You can create one by using your friend or relative’s information instead of yours. Doing so ensures that eBay has no idea that you are controlling the account. Since it doesn’t use any of your credentials, it won’t automatically get linked with your original eBay accounts.

Alternatively, you could search the internet for a stealth eBay account for sale instead of creating one yourself. Once you buy eBay stealth account, it will become under your control as a separate but functional account. It will not operate under the same regulations and characteristics as your typical eBay accounts. In a way, it’s like having a separate account on the other side of the wall.

Now, you can repeat popular listings under a different name, letting you get more buyers. This is a great way to expand your seller power and income from your eBay business. Also, you’ll be able to occupy several spots for the same listing on the website. More spots equal more clicks; it’s a win-win situation.

If your original account gets banned, it won’t affect your stealth account, making it a truly independent entity. Likewise, anything negative that happens to your stealth account will not be reflected on your original account.


Sellers have used eBay stealth accounts for multiple reasons and have gotten great results! Stealth accounts are a great way to keep your business going after you have been banned or suspended.

eBay stealth accounts operate separately from your main account’s chain and are not affected by what happens to the main system. This effectively gives you an independent account that you can use and experiment on.