Do you know what is the purpose of stealth account?

Here’s a situation, you’ve been a proud online seller on eBay for the past seven years. By now, you have around four eBay accounts, all handling payments for your listings. Soon, you start wanting to try something new, so you run an experiment on your original account. What could go wrong?

Suddenly, you get a notification saying eBay has banned your original account. The domino effect occurs on all your other linked accounts as they all get disabled within minutes. 

Unable to fix the issue, you’ve become stuck with no active accounts and no way to sell your wares online. What do you do in this case? Well, you’ll want to buy eBay stealth account, or better yet, create one yourself. 

What are eBay stealth accounts?

An eBay stealth account is a separate account that you can use under someone else’s name. None of the credentials for this account will be yours; thus, eBay will not be able to tell that you are the actual owner.

You know how money launderers move their illegal cash into their relative’s bank accounts? That’s exactly what this is, minus the illegal part. 

An eBay stealth account is basically a new account that will be run and operated by you but will use someone else’s information. That way, this stealth account will have no connection to your actual account and won’t get linked. In eBay’s eyes, it’s a completely different account being used by a different seller. 

How to create eBay stealth account

Creating an eBay stealth account is easy; it just involves using someone else’s name and information. We recommend using the information of someone you know well, a friend, spouse, or a relative.

Using someone’s information without informing them and seeking permission should obviously be avoided. This will lead to some serious lawsuits in the future. 

Once you’ve found the perfect guinea pig who is willing to lend their information, it’s time for you to find a remote computer. Of course, going stealth mode means you won’t be able to use your own IP address, so you’ll have to find a new one. Don’t worry; you’ll find plenty of companies offering dependable remote desktop services online. 

Next, you’ll have to create a browser history for your new IP address. You see, since the alternate IP address will be freshly made, it will appear completely hollow. So, you’ll have to fill it with believable browser history so eBay doesn’t flag it as unreliable. The trick here is to make it seem like the IP address actually belongs to a real human being. Bots beware!

When choosing a server, you should always pick one based on the country where you want to sell your products. You’ll then have to spend a few days browsing the internet to ensure your remote browser has amassed enough cookies. This is one of the key factors that will prevent your stealth account from being flagged as a security risk. 

Once you have enough fake browser cookies, it’s time to create a new account on eBay using someone else’s information. After that, you’ll want to take it slow and do some minor activity to avoid suspicion. Once you have enough skin in the game, you can start duplicating your key listings in this new account. 

Buying an eBay stealth account

Can you buy an eBay stealth account? Yes, you can, but we’d be really careful if we were you. That’s an easy way to get scammed. 

If you don’t want to go through the long creation process, you can always buy eBay stealth accounts as well. If you run a search on the internet, it won’t take long for you to come across an eBay seller account for sale. However, many of these accounts come with fake information, so you’ll have to be careful here. 

Nevertheless, if you come across an account with reliable and legit information, you should be able to use it. Then, it’s only a matter of logging into the account and making your listings. 


eBay stealth accounts can be used to boost up your sales by duplicating listings without being penalized. This way, you can effectively take up several spots on the search results for that item. Smart, wouldn’t you say? 

Stealth accounts typically aren’t used as the main account but rather an experimental account where you can try out several things. Since it is separated from your main account, anything negative that happens to your stealth account won’t be a considerable issue for you. Your primary account will still function without any hassles.