Can eBay track your IP Address?

If you have an online store on eBay, you might have wondered if the eCommerce company can track your IP address. 

And the answer is yes. eBay can track your IP address along with your official name, address, and whatever information you furnished on the platform when you opened your online store. 

In the event that your eBay account gets suspended, the company retains and stores this information in its database. This is a way for eBay to keep track of account details that have been flagged or suspended from getting activated again. Of course, you can request for your eBay account to be activated, but it is complicated and is a whole new topic.

How and why eBay tracks your IP addresses

Like other companies, eBay records your IP address every time you log in to your account. In addition to the IP address, eBay also uses cookies to track and identity you as the store owner. 

IP address and cookies are also eBay’s main components to identify your location and other URLs you may search. Using the above, eBay can also have information about your name, email address, phone, and credit card details. 

The fact eBay keeps track of your IP address can be advantageous in the following ways:

  • You don’t have to manually key in the details whenever you want to access your eBay account. Since eBay stores all the information in its database, it saves you a lot of time and energy. 
  • Tracking IP addresses and storing your data also helps eBay to understand its customer base in different locations. 

However, the ability for eBay to track your IP address is not good if you’re wondering how to avoid account suspension or if your account is already suspended. You cannot use the same information to open a new account on the platform. eBay will instantly link your new account to the stored information and flag your attempt to get a new account. 

Best options if your eBay account is suspended 

Despite your efforts, if eBay suspends your account, below are the best options: 

  • Buy eBay account – Check out an eBay seller account for sale on online platforms. You want to look for eBay accounts that have good listings, are not connected to other accounts, and have good feedback from buyers. Accounts with a low percentage of defect rate and return rates are also points for consideration. 
  • Get an eBay stealth account – Getting a stealth account for eBay is perhaps the most reliable solution if your account is suspended permanently. With a stealth account, you don’t have to do the ground job to get them directly from a third party. In case you are interested, we provide credible stealth eBay accounts for all clients. 

How to stop eBay from tracking my IP address

Regardless of whether your eBay account is suspended or not, if you don’t want the e-commerce giant to track your IP address, the best option is to install a VPN. A robust VPN will prevent eBay or any other company from snooping into your IP address. 

Several VPN providers offer fantastic services, so you can browse the best one according to your budget and preferences. The VPN will automatically change your IP address, so eBay will no longer be able to track it. A VPN can also be extremely advantageous when you use more than one stealth account on eBay. 

However, if you don’t wish to install a separate software like a VPN but want to use a stealth account and prevent eBay from tracking it to the same IP address, here are a few things you can do. 

  • Change your IP address: Changing your IP address can be a little tricky if you don’t have tech experience. However, you can still talk to your internet service provider and check whether your IP address is dynamic and not static. 
  • Clear cookies: Since cookies are one of the primary ways for eBay to track your IP address, clearing them from your computers can put some distance between you and the eCommerce company. Cleaning your cookies is even more important before you use a stealth account for eBay. 


Although tracking your IP address by eBay may be beneficial to the company, it is a complete experience if you are on the other end. The purpose of hiding your IP address through VPN or any other methods is not to engage in fraudulent activities but to safely keep your information at all times.